My Sentimental Journey

An ordinary girl's walk with an extraordinary God


Met in a Mosh Pit


During one particular day while praying for our two sons to know God’s love more completely, my soul was stirred to read Psalms 19.  The first few verses captured me as I read, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the firmaments shows and proclaims His handiwork”. “Day after day pours forth speech and night after night shows forth knowledge”.

Quickly my thoughts envisioned how they would see God’s love. Maybe the countless celestial stars would blink out… I love you!, or could it be a glowing majestic moon that reveals this captivating message?  Perhaps the infinite marvels of nature would point straight to their loving creator.

Several days after that devotion it was time to take our youngest son and some friends to the “Demon Hunter” concert….complete with a mosh pit!. That night my prayer included an extra protection clause for safety.  Somehow the words “Mosh Pit” conjure up all sorts of unpleasant images; one of the downsides of thinking creatively.

Thankfully, after the concert was over, all the boys piled back into our van, safe, sound and full of stories to tell. Our son Trent recounted the evening sharing about the confined crowds and in particular, a young man dancing with reckless abandonment across the room from him. Shortly after Trent noticed him he realized that the sweaty, carefree dancer was standing right along side him. Trent decided to ask if he was okay, of which he replied ” Yeah man, I’m just praying for you.” This man spoke into our sons life with insight and clarity, speaking hope and encouragement doing so with pinpoint accuracy. He then closed with, ” Just a little FYI for you from the creator of the Universe”, quickly returning back to his original location, all the while moshing with tremendous flair.

After Trent finished his story my eyes welled up with tears remembering my prayer for our children to see God’s love as a creator…. thoughts of crashing waves, warm sunshine or snow covered mountain peaks came to mind. Then I was reminded that God pours forth His speech and knowledge without limitations, impediments, full of compassion and creativity. Being more then willing to meet us in a loud, stuffy and overcrowded mosh pit. Unknowingly, my thoughts and ways painted a thumbnail picture when I needed a canvas to capture the image of a God with no restrictions. Portraying his true nature the creator of the cosmos who  is standing by us no matter where we find ourselves. His rapturous ways and thoughts higher than heaven, earth or our very own.

Today, may you feel His adoring love, whether you are on one of life’s impressive pinnacles or in the impoverished  pits….God is with you!….and to coin the passionate mosher phrase,  “Just a little FYI  from the creator of the universe.