My Sentimental Journey

An ordinary girl's walk with an extraordinary God


Bee Hopeful

The gentle breeze from the open side door off the kitchen was too refreshing for me to want to close it. I had just experienced this delightful breath of wind as I opened the door for our goofy dog Buddy to go potty. He rather enjoyed the fresh warm air and decided to lay himself down on the small porch attached to our shed to soak up some rays, acting as if it was the dog days of summer on a sunny April afternoon. Both of us seemed lost in the contentment of fresh air, sun, and joy it provided us. While the door was still wide open providing such enjoyment a bumble bee flew in, buzzing around frantically. I suppose like Buddy and I, she too got caught up in the moment of joy.

Disorientated, she headed to the unopened window and thought for sure the window was her ticket to freedom. In all accounts it sure looked like it. “Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway,” (Mary Kay Ash). That can-do spirit had served her well so far, surely it would continue to work its magic. However, as an outsider looking in, all her determination was not getting her out. Deciding to assist her I grabbed a flat-end wooden spatula from the kitchen and gently placed it under her body to lift her up and send her on her merry way. But she simply was not having any part of it. In her tiny bee mind the window was the only way out.

As I pondered or, should I say, I was BEEing mindful of this bumblebee’s view of me, I realized to her I was probably making her uncomfortable. To her it might have seemed I was disrupting her plans to escape even though I knew it was inescapable. What I meant to bless her she saw as a deterrent.

And then I saw myself in that frantic bumblebee: Choosing a comfort zone rather than God’s call to the uncomfortable. Doing it my own way rather than trusting God who sees the bigger picture. Viewing God’s delays as His denials when He is simply in the process of working it all out for my good.

I never knew such a tiny insect carried such a huge lesson. I should have known, since she’s not even supposed to be able to fly. That alone will preach!

For her fuzzy body round as a ball

her dainty wings seem much too small

to zip, or zoom, or fly at all, (Dawn Matheson).

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God, (2 Corinthians 3:5 KJV).

Be Hopeful

Be Patient

Be Loving

Be Joyful

Be You !

Me beeing joyful at the craft store.